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Karagan Fortress on Mangystau

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Karagan fortress, a fortification structure, consists of stone walls, stones stacked on top of each other without clay mortar or any other binding element. According to the researchers, these fortresses were erected by hunters for temporary shelter and protection from the wind, as well as this type of fortress was used to corral wild animals in them that these hunters hunted. The height of the walls of the Karagan fortress could reach over 3 meters, the fortresses are divided into two types: caravan fortresses and nomad fortresses. Caravan fortresses were built along caravan routes for recreation and protection, etc. Nomad fortresses were built in close proximity to the habitats of nomadic tribes, to shelter both people and animals bred by them inside the fortress.

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The Karagan fortress is located within the Tamshaly Canyon, 6 kilometers from Cape Bagarzhik, 27 kilometers from the city of Fort Shevchenko, Tupkaragan district, Mangystau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 44°35'03”N 50°34'54”E

Karagan Fortress on the Mangyshlak peninsula


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