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Kanga Baba Fortress (Tubezhik)

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Kanga Baba is a medieval fortress of the X – XII century, also known as the settlement of Kanga-Kala, at the moment the fortress has not been preserved, only ruins remain of it. The fortress is located on the cape, a rocky ledge of a plateaued hill cut by Tubezhik Canyon (west of the mouth of the canyon), and consists of stone rampart-shaped elevations with masonry elements, as well as sections of preserved walls across the cape and along its perimeter. The main transverse wall, sixty-five meters long, had six semicircular towers and two passageways protected by two free-standing towers. Over time, the ruins of the towers, whose diameter was five to six meters, and the thickness of the walls reached two meters, turned into mounds.

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Kanga Baba Fortress is located 4 kilometers from the village of Karakum, Tupkaragan district, Mangystau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The area where the Kanga Baba fortress is located in ancient times was a real oasis and had a reliable fortress with a fortified military garrison guarding the Khiva Road, which is why it was called Kanga. The ruins of the fortress confirm this version. The remains of a settlement and a burial ground located fifteen kilometers southeast of the tract, Kanga Baba, on the edge of the plateau in the Tubezhik area complement the monument of antiquity. The masonry of the Kanga Baba fortress is double-row, with rubble filler. The auxiliary wall runs along the perimeter, but in the areas where the sheer walls of the cape pass, it is destroyed. The width of the auxiliary wall reached up to two meters. From the eastern and western sides of the cape, trails lead to the valley. The western path also opens onto the site in front of the fortress. Fragments of easel and stucco vessels can be found in the fortress itself and in the surrounding area. The researchers conclude that in the later period of its existence, the fortress was used as a temporary shelter for caravans. Approximate dating of the fortress construction of the X - XII century.


Kanga Baba fortress in the Mangystau region


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