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Ketikkala Settlement

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Kettikala is a medieval settlement of the XIV century, belongs to the period of prosperity of the Golden Horde, the city connected 5 states. At the moment, large-scale research and excavations are underway at the settlement. In earlier excavations at the site, coins from the reign of Khan Janibek were discovered. Archaeologists also found that in ancient times there was a ship connection between Kazakhstan and Russia, the port in Bautino Bay was a place of maritime trade with Iran, Azerbaijan, Derbent, the Volga region, the Urals and Khorezm.

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Kettikala settlement is located near Baputinskaya Bay, Kaspiyskaya Bay, sea, Tupkaragan district, Mangystau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The Ketikkala settlement was connected by trade routes overland with Khorezm, as evidenced by the coins and ceramics found here, which are established as Khorezm. Ships sailed by sea from the settlement of Kettikala to countries such as Iran and Azerbaijan. The settlement was explored in the 1980s by traveler and researcher Lev Galkin, and in 2008 the settlement was explored by archaeologist Andrey Astafyev and his team. Now you can go on an excursion from Aktau to the settlement and visit many other local attractions along the way. The city of Kettikala is an architectural monument of local importance and is under the protection of the state of Kazakhstan.

Ketikkala settlement in the Mangystau region


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