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Koskuduk Town (settlement) in Mangystau

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Koskuduk is a Neolithic settlement of the V-VI century BC, (late Stone Age), the oldest parking place of our ancestors on the territory of modern Kazakhstan. During the study of the ancient settlement, the remains of stone houses, outbuildings, sacred altars, places of rituals were found here. People in the settlement were engaged in hunting, fishing, and cattle breeding. A large house was excavated at the parking lot, which was later called the "Koskuduk House", 40 people lived in it, apparently a large family or community, it is considered the oldest building in the territory of the Mangystau region

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Koskudyk settlement is located 7 kilometers north of Aktau city, Mangyshlak Peninsula, Mangystau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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Koskuduk settlement is considered to be the oldest discovered and explored settlements in Kazakhstan. During excavations, stone tools, pottery and its fragments, jewelry made from seashells were found here. The settlement of Koskuduk consists of the settlements of Koskuduk No. 1 and Koskuduk No.2. One of the earliest human burial sites and petroglyphs in the form of images of snakes have been found in the settlements of Koskuduk. The materials of these settlements define a new historical epoch of Mangystau - the Eneolithic (Copper-Stone Age).

Koskuduk settlement in Mangystau region


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