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Stone arrows of Ustyurt

Geoglyphs on the Ustyurt plateau -

Geoglyphs on the territory of Kazakhstan -

Arrows on the Ustyurt plateau, the famous geoglyphs lined with stones, from 50 centimeters to 1 meter high in the form of arrows, are found everywhere on the Ustyurt plateau in the Mangystau region. These unusual structures were first discovered in the 1980s after checking aerial photographs of the Ustyurt plateau. If you see these structures from the ground, you will not remember what shape they are, from the ground it looks like a long low stone fence, only by rising into the sky you can see the exact shape of the geoglyph.

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Stone Arrows are found in many places on the Mangyshlak peninsula and the Ustyurt plateau, Mangystau district, Karakiyansky district, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates of the Ustyurt Arrow -
- the first panoramic platform in the Bozzhira tract: 43°27'55"N 54°02'16"E
- the fifth panoramic platform in the Bozzhira tract: 43°24'31"N 54°06'22" E
- Shomishkol salt marsh (Northern chink of the Ustyurt plateau): 45°44'55"N 56°02'28"E
- Manaysor salt marsh (Donyztau chink): 46°13'22"N 56°09'39"E
- Asmantai-Matai salt marsh in Aktobe region: 45°43'00"N 57°20'03"E

Information -

The stone arrows of Ustyurt are pointed with their tips to the north, the obvious difference between these arrows is their size and shape. The height of the walls of these arrows is up to a meter, but if you start to explore them, you can see that next to the main stone fences there are stones from this fence in large numbers, this suggests that in their original form these fences were much higher. The arrowhead has dimensions from 800-900 meters, the guide lines can exceed two kilometers or more. Excavations were made on one of the arrows, and ceramics were found that dated back to the 7th century. These arrows are also known as arans, as they were named by the locals who live in close proximity to these geoglyphs. According to one assumption, these arrows geoglyphs served ancient hunters as animal pens, during hunting, hunters drove herds of wild animals and drove them into these improvised traps. But this is not accurate information.

Stone arrows of Ustyurt in Mangystau and Aktobe regions


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