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Toksanbai Settlement

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Toksanbai is an ancient settlement dating from the II-III millennium BC, a proto-city, an archaeological monument of the Bronze Age in the Mangystau region. The settlement was discovered in the 90s by a group of archaeologists, a West Kazakhstan archaeological expedition led by Z. Samashev. Koksanbai settlement is located on a hill, an elevation of 70 meters high and 30 meters wide. The settlement has been damaged by natural forces for a long time.

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Toksanbai settlement is located 120 kilometers from the village of Turush, on the Ustyurt plateau, Toksanbai tract, Beineu district, Mangystau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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As a result of research work, three cultural layers with a thickness of 3 meters were cleared at the Toksanbai settlement. According to radiocarbon dating, people lived in the period from the 4th to the 3rd millennia BC. Several round shelters of the same size were cleared at the settlement, and the foundation was laid with flat tiled stones. The roof was sheathed in wood, and when clearing the floor of the house, several hearths were found. During excavations at the settlement, ceramic and stone products were found. Some of the materials obtained are flint, jasper, weapons and tools made of quartzite (arrowheads, awl, scraper, chisel, etc.), bone products and several objects made of copper (knives, jewelry, hole punches). Judging by the collected materials, the residents of Toksanbai were engaged in both hunting and cattle breeding.

Toksanbai settlement in Mangystau region


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