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Nurbergen Kalyshev Mausoleum

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Nurbergen Kalyshev is a medieval mausoleum, built in 1900, is an architectural monument, a sacred, sacred place and a place of pilgrimage on Mangyshlak. The mausoleum is very beautiful, it is a square building of 5x5 meters, 5 meters high, crowned with a round dome, it is part of the Senek necropolis (Senek Reserve). The masters who built the mausoleum are named Dutbai Zhandauletov and Nurniyaz Izbasarov.

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The mausoleum of Nurbergen Kalyshev is located 2 kilometers from the village of Senek, 2.3 kilometers from the ledge (cliff) of Kulanda, 1 kilometer from the sands of Tuyesu, Karakiyansky district, Mangystau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 43°21'20"N 53°24'11"E

Information -

The mausoleum of Nurbergen Kalyshev is a composition of a cubic lower part, a cylindrical drum and a dome in the shape of a helmet. Due to the skillful combination of these details, the mausoleum resembles a monumental sculpture. The building material is a local soft stone, suitable for sawing and chipping. The walls of the front and back surfaces of the monument are raised, and the upper part looks like a parapet. The side walls are low, folded with a domed edging. The outer surface of the parapet is separated by a system of flat cavities and the facade of the building is engraved and decorated with various paints. The patterns on the mausoleum depicting a flying bird hint at the symbol of death. The interior of the tomb of Vnturi is also very beautiful. There is a clock in the center of the room. Red, yellow, blue-green colors give the mausoleum a wonderful shade. The monument is under state protection.

The mausoleum of Nurbergen Kalyshev at the Senek necropolis, Mangystau region


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