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Aitman Settlement

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Aitman is an ancient settlement of the Bronze Age, an architectural monument on Mangyshlak. The settlement was first explored in 1997 and a topographic survey of the site was made. In 2012, full-scale research was launched at the site, and archaeologists began to excavate. During the excavations, some round holes with a diameter of 15 centimeters were found, archaeologists made assumptions that wooden poles were inserted into the holes to install canopies. Some complex buildings similar to houses and small streets between them were also excavated. The settlement of Aitman has been preserved very poorly because it is located in a place where a strong wind blows, as well as for a long time under the influence of natural factors, it has also greatly changed and lost.

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Aitman settlement is located on the Mangyshlak peninsula, Mangystau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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Ancient hearths were also discovered at the Aitman settlement, a large number of them were discovered, from which archaeologists assumed that the settlement was some kind of object on which raw materials were harvested, people burned something in these pits in large quantities, perhaps they burned clay bricks here, which were used to erect walls and buildings in the settlement. Ceramics were found in the settlement on a very small scale, only two vessels were found, that is, its fragments, it also suggested that people did not live here, but produced something. People in the settlement lived and were mainly engaged in hunting saigas and kulans. The peculiar type of culture that has developed in this territory has existed here for a long time. The inhabitants of the settlements were distinguished by their unique adaptation to the extreme natural and geographical conditions of this remote and desert region. Settlements concentrated on a small area can be considered as traces of exclusively selective activity of the hunting and cattle breeding population focused on favorable loci of space.

Aitman settlement in Mangystau region


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