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Kolbas Ishan Mosque

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Kolbas Ishan is an underground mosque, also known as the Karabulak Mosque, an architectural monument, a sacred sacred place and a place of pilgrimage on the Mangyshlak peninsula. The mosque consists of an underground part cut into the rock, and its upper part built over the underground part. The central ground mosque was built from a combination of construction equipment, that is, from raw materials and stone. The mihrab of the mosque is lined with treated stones on both sides. Several structures around the mosque have been identified as khanaka and storage facilities. To the east of the center, there is a necropolis dated to the beginning of the XX century.

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The Kolbas Ishan Mosque is located 21 kilometers from the village of Beineu, Karabulak tract, Mangystau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The underground mosque of Kolbas Ishan is located about 800 meters north of the center of the necropolis and the passage to it is difficult to access. The monument compositionally consists of two structures. They are cut down on the slope of a marl rock. The first one is defined as educational, and the second one is for a ritual, possibly for conducting a ritual - dhikr. The first structure consists of one large room, with two pillars left, for the strength of the ceiling. Small niches have been cut on the walls for lighting. The monument is very much exposed to natural influences, the interior of the structure is showered with a marl layer. During the work on the description of the monument, fragments of a book on Arabic graphics were found on the floor among the rubble. The second building is located 150 meters east of the first one. The monument is cut down in the marl thickness, in plan it has the shape of a circle. The interior has, like many described monuments, a vaulted shape. There is a cut-out light opening on the ceiling, the circle of which is paved with masonry. There is an arabographic inscription and ancestral tamgas on the wall. We do not yet have written sources on this monument.

Kolbas Ishan Mosque in Mangystau region


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