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Tour to Akkergeshen plateau, Atyrau region, South kazakhstan region

The Akkergeshen plateau, chalk or white, is a unique creation of nature in the Atyrau region. We invite you on a tour to the Akkergeshen plateau from the city of Atyrau. The place is not far from the village of Kulsary in the Atyrau region, or rather, 48 kilometers from the village, the second landmark here is the village of Akkiztogay, from which 23 kilometers to the Akkergeshen plateau. One of the highlights of the Akkergeshen plateau is Mount Imankara, 200 meters high, which is considered a fairly high point for this region. We will meet the salt lake Tolagaysor while traveling along the plateau. The Akkergeshen Plateau is part of the larger Aktologai Plateau. The area is a white chalky desert, when the sun is bright, the light reflects off the surface and floods the entire area, so you should always wear sun goggles and a hat for your head, because in this region it can be very hot. Traveling around the region is necessary only by 4x4 car, do not forget to have a supply of water and a compass with you to navigate the terrain.

Akkergeshen Aktologay GPS coordinates: N47°18'32.52" E54°23'30.97"

  • Distance of the route: 250 km
  • Season time: Best May – Good August
  • Best time: all season April – October
  • Group size: 1 – 12 person
  • Days & nights: 1 day

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