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Karatobe Necropolis

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Karatobe is a necropolis of the XVI century, an architectural monument, a sacred sacred place and a place of pilgrimage in the Mangystau region and the Mangyshlak peninsula. The necropolis has over 220 monuments and mausoleums, the area of the necropolis is 2 hectares, there is a mausoleum without a dome, which is its central structure. Such monuments as kulpytas, koytas, sandyktas are also located on the necropolis.

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Karatobe Necropolis is located 30 km from the village of Tuschykudyk, Mangystau district, Mangystau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 44°45'50"N 52°16'07"E

Information -

Karatobe necropolis is famous for its mausoleum with a hexagonal dome (19th century). Small monuments are made in the traditions of the memorial monuments of Mangystau and Ustyurt. In terms of modeling, tombstones are flat slabs. In the structure of the stones, the main stones are beautifully decorated with a flat relief ornament. The types of ornaments used in the design of the composition of small monuments are geometric (squares, rectangles, zigzag signs, buds, flowers, leaves, twisted branches of the "sacred tree"), zoomorphic images (shell, horn, camel's foot) and cosmogonic (stars, crescents), made by intertwining with lines.

Karatobe Necropolis in Mangystau region


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