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Beket Ata Mosque in Tobykty area

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The Beket Ata Underground Mosque in the Tobykty area is one of the 4 mosques built by Sufi Beket Ata on the territory of the Mangystau region. The mosque is an architectural monument of the region, a sacred sacred place and a place of pilgrimage. The mosque is built in the thickness of the Cretaceous rock, and consists of two spacious rooms, in one of the rooms there is a light hole. The mosque has been restored, there is a caretaker who will give you a short tour, the mosque is always crowded. Especially on weekends, pilgrims come here from all over the world.

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The Beket Ata Mosque is located in the Tobykty area, 24 kilometers from the village of Tigen, 30 kilometers from the village of Kyzan, Mangystau district, Mangystau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 44°39'12.83"N 52°27'15.96"E

Information -

Sufi Beket Ata built an underground mosque in the Tobykty area to preach Islam and teach Islam to the young population, as well as he was engaged in educational activities throughout the Mangystau region. The full name of Sufi Beket Myrzagululy, lived on the territory of Mangyshlak in the 18th century, a philosopher, educator, public figure from the Adai family. According to one legend, before the beginning of his educational activities, Beket Ata was a commander, participated in battles against the invaders for the freedom of his people, was a strong and brave warrior. Later, he moved to Khiva, where he began to study the Koran from the famous Sufi Bakirzhan Kazha, after completing his studies, he returned to Mangyshlak and engaged in the construction of underground mosques, which he built in the amount of 4 pieces and became a preacher. Many people claim that Beket Ata was a good healer, could heal people from ailments with prayers.

Beket Ata Mosque in Tobykty area, Mangystau region


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