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Tobekuduk Necropolis

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Tobekuduk is a necropolis, an architectural monument of the XVIII century, a sacred sacred place and a place of pilgrimage on the Mangyshlak peninsula. The area of the necropolis is 4 hectares, there are 162 monuments, 7 of them koytas. A distinctive feature of these monuments is that the tombstones were laid horizontally, not vertically. The monuments have inscriptions in Arabic. Tombstones carved from monolithic sandstone blocks are quite large in size compared to similar small tombstones in other cemeteries.

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Tobekuduk necropolis is located 20 kilometers from the village of Tauchik, Tupkaragan district, Mangystau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Tobe Kuduk Necropolis on the Mangyshlak Peninsula


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