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Saganatams on Mangyshlak

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Saganatams are a type of monuments of the Mangystau area, it is mainly distributed on the Mangyshlak peninsula. Monuments are small buildings built of stones of the rock where the monument is located, usually sandstone, or any other stone that is not difficult to process. The monument is usually square in shape, with an open roof and sloping front and back walls. The monument to the Saganats has been known since the Middle Ages. According to the style of construction, saganatams built in the early XIX-XX centuries and are divided into 3 types:
(1) saganatams characterized by relief vertical and horizontal divisions of the planes of the outer and inner walls.
(2) tombstones distinguished by the design of the top of the parapet of the main facade with cylindrical blocks.
(3) The largest group of saganatams with smooth facade walls, high parapets and sometimes decorative portals.

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Saganatams are mainly located on ancient burial complexes-necropolises on the Mangyshlak peninsula, Mangystau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Saganatams in the Mangystau region


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