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Aktam Settlement (ancient city)

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Aktam is a medieval city of the X-XII century, located in a desert area in the ancient delta of the Ili River. The city is a poorly preserved structure, in place here you can see only the swollen adobe clay walls, the length of which is 180x170 meters. There are small clay hills at the corners of the structure, which were watchtowers, the height of the gates of the main entrance is over 3 meters. The central part of the settlement was a fortress around which various kinds of structures, warehouses, peasant houses, etc. were located.

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The ancient settlement of Aktam is located in a desert area 120 kilometers from the village of Bakanas, 40 kilometers from the village of Bozingen, Balkhash district, Almaty region. The Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 45°32'30” N 75°46'32"E

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Excavations and research were carried out at the ancient settlement of Aktam in 1961 and in 1964, by the Zhetysu archaeological expedition (led by K. A. Akisheva, K. M. Baypakov). During excavations, ceramics and shards (mugs, jugs, bowls, bowls, which artisan potters produced in their workshops) were discovered here, during the study of which the period of prosperity of the city was established in the X century, the city existed until the XIII century. An irrigation canal was discovered near the city, which stretched to the city from the river, as well as this canal supplied fields with water where crops were grown. During the investigation of this canal, it was found that the canal was cleaned all the time by local residents, as evidenced by the piles or which are located along the canal. Iron and bronze products were also found at the ancient settlement of Acts, which indicates that metallurgy was well developed in the city. The place where the city is located is a tourist destination, it can only be reached by 4x4 jeeps of high cross-country vehicles.

The settlement of Acts in the Almaty region


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