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Karamergen Settlement

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Karamergen is a medieval city of the 9th-13th centuries in the Ili River delta, which was destroyed during the Mongol invasion. Residents of the city were engaged in farming, hunting, and fishing. The city is a rectangular object measuring 115 x 120 m, the corners of which are directed towards the cardinal points. The walls reach a height of about 3 meters, and at the corners there are round external towers 4.5 meters high. About 20 meters east of the south tower is a trapezoidal structure surrounded by a half-meter-high rampart. On the south-eastern side of the fortress, at a distance of about 0.8-1 km, a main canal runs through one of the current beds of the Ortasu River. Also on the territory of the settlement, ceramic remains dating back to the 9th-13th centuries were found. Currently, it is a small city as a tourist attraction in the Almaty region.

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The ancient settlement of Karamergen is located at an altitude of 347 meters above sea level, 78 kilometers from the village of Karoy, 101 kilometers from the village of Bosingen, Balkhash district, Almaty region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 46°15'17"N 75°37'33"E

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The Karamergen settlement is poorly preserved and needs major restoration. Now all that remains of the city are the walls, which have turned into low hills, 3 meters high, with high towers in the corners, the height of which exceeds 10 meters. The walls are impressive even now with their height; in ancient times the height of the walls reached 10 meters and even exceeded this height. Research and archaeological excavations were carried out at the Karamergen settlement; ceramics, iron and bronze items were found here. All the dishes in the settlement were made on a potter's wheel; this is one of the most important features characteristic of the period of the developed Middle Ages. The vessels were decorated with carved wavy lines and impressions in the form of ring-shaped and triangular impressions. The city was well developed, a river flowed nearby, a canal was made from the river through which water flowed into the city, and this water was also used to irrigate the fields that were located around the city.

Karamergen ancient settlement in Almaty region


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