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Tuymekent Settlement

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Tuymekent is a settlement, an ancient city of the VI-XII century, one of the ancient settlements on the territory of Kazakhstan. The settlement consists of the remains of an ancient fortress, earthen ramparts in the form of a square several meters high have been preserved from the walls, an earthen moat has been preserved around the walls, in which, according to the assumption, there was water, water in rum came from the Talas River, on the bank of which the settlement is located. There is a large village of Tuymekent near the Tuymekent settlement, so when traveling to the settlement, you can stay in this village and visit the Talas River at the same time, sit on its shore and even swim if you want. (When swimming in the Talas River, observe safety precautions, do not swim in the river if you do not know how to swim)

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The medieval town of Tuymekent is located on the right bank of the Talas River, on the outskirts of the village of Tuymekent, Baizak district, Zhambyl region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 43°07'08"N 71°37'34"E

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The Tuymekent settlement was first explored in 1936, the famous researcher archaeologist A.N. Bernstam visited it with his team. In 1986, the settlement was already explored by our group of archaeologists under the leadership of K. M. Baypakov. During the study, it was established that part of the settlement was destroyed over time, the part that adjoined the Talas River, perhaps this was the reason for leaving the city and moving further from the floodplain of the river. In 2000, the settlement was explored by a group of archaeologists led by K. M. Baypakov. People in the settlement were engaged in agriculture, they used water from the river to water their fields, as well as people were engaged in hunting and fishing. The craft was developed in the city.

Tuymekent settlement in Zhambyl region


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