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Vyacheslavskoye Reservoir

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The Vyacheslav Reservoir is an artificial reservoir, a place of recreation, a place for fishing, it belongs to the claw basin of the Yesil (Ishim) River. This reservoir was formed by a dam built in 1969 and intended to regulate the upper reaches of the river, as well as to generate electricity. It allows for water supply and irrigation of agricultural lands in the region. The area of the reservoir is 60.7 km², length 11 km, width 10 km, average depth 6 m, deepest part 25 m. Since 2002, work has been underway to expand the Irtysh-Karaganda Canal in order to supply it with additional volumes of water from the Irtysh to satisfy the growing water needs of the city of Astana and improve navigation on some sections of the river in the vicinity of the capital.

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The Vyacheslavskoe reservoir is located in the upper reaches of the Ishim River, 3 kilometers from the village of Arnasay, 45 kilometers upstream of the Yesil River from the capital Astana, Arshalynsky district, Akmola region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 50°58′55″N 72°13′24″E

Vyacheslavskoe reservoir in Akmola region


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