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Mausoleum Kobylandy Batyr

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Kobylandy Batyr-mausoleum, architectural monument, sacred sacred place, place of pilgrimage in the Aktobe region. The famous batyr Toktarbayuly Kobylandy, who lived in the distant 15th century - a legendary folk hero, is buried here. In stories preserved in folk memory, in folk chronicles he is often called “Kara Kypchak Kobylan.” The mausoleum is built of red brick, the building is very beautiful, it resembles the helmet of a Kazakh warrior, the height of the building is 17 meters, the diameter of the dome is 12 meters.

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The mausoleum of Kobylandy Batyr is located in the village of Zhirenkopa, Kobdinsky district, Aktobe region.
GPS coordinates: 50°50′55″N 54°50′16″E

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The Kobylandy Batyr memorial complex was opened in 2007. The complex consists of a mausoleum, a hall of fame and iconic stones where the remains of Kobylanda Batyr were reburied. When viewed from the roof, the complex looks like a hero's helmet mounted above a shield and a bow lying next to it. The main walls of the mausoleum are built of burnt red brick in the form of 15 triple pillars 7 meters high and topped with a dome that looks like a hero’s helmet. The second part of the complex consists of a hall of fame, a hall and administrative and utility rooms with a total area in the western part of the mausoleum of 447 m2. The mausoleum has a long history, it was destroyed several times and then restored several times, the last time it was destroyed during the exhumation of the batyr’s body in 2005. In 1906, the mausoleum was described by researcher and traveler V.V. Carloson. Excavations and research were periodically carried out at the site of the mausoleum. The complex occupies a total area of 2.06 hectares along the Velikaya Kobda River east of the village of Zhirenkopa. The author of the construction of the complex is Honored Architect Bek Ibraev.

Mausoleum of Kobylandy Batyr in Aktobe region


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