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Kaindy lake in Kolsay National Park, Kazakhstan.

Jeep tour to Kaindy Lake.

Questions about what Kaindy Lake is, how to get there, are often asked by tourists to residents of Almaty. The place of pilgrimage for tourists and divers is incredibly popular. In 2007, the lake became part of a national reserve. Tell us how to get to it. Lakes Almaty attract tourists from all over the world. Their part was Kaindy Lake.

How to get to Kaindy Lake.

The lake is located at a distance of 288 km from Almaty, and the journey takes from 5 hours by private car to 6-7 hours by tourist bus. By car, you need to travel about 190 km along the Kuldzhinsk road. Landmark - international highway A351. Not far from the village Saty (about 700–800 m) you need to turn left. From there to the Kolsay lakes about 11 km. At the entrance will have to pay an environmental fee, as Kaindy - part of the national reserve. According to the tourists who visited the lake, after entering the reserve, the road ends. Further able to drive only SUV. The rest of the tourists

Information about Kaindy lake.

There is a birch grove 5 km from the lake, so the lake was named Kaindy, which, in Kazakh, means ‘abundant in birch’. Kaindy is a fresh lake. Its water does not contain salts, so tourists especially like the tea prepared here. Even in summer, the water in the lake does not warm up more than +6 ° С, and the air - to +23 ° С. But even at this temperature microorganism actively develop in it, which leads to a change in the color of water.
There are stony cliffs and steep slopes around the lake. Since 1930, trout has been grown in the lake.

Kaindy lake water color.

The unusual color of the water, which varies depending on the season, its incredible transparency, as well as flooded spruces and rocky shores make the lake a paradise for divers and nature lovers. In 2010, an incredible force of mudflow from stones and mud destroyed the natural dam. As a result, the water level dropped to 17-18 m, and its muddy color resembled milk. Gradually, the water in the lake acquired its usual transparency. Coming here is recommended for several days. Here you can both stay in guest houses and set up a tent.
Tourist infrastructure is well developed. Not far from the lake is the village Saty, where locals rent houses and rooms with all amenities and Wi-Fi at reasonable prices. Various travel companies offer one- and multi-day tours from Almaty and the surrounding area.

Tourist information about Kaindy lake.

Kaindy Lake is one of the tourist attractions of Almaty region, which is easily accessible.
The magnificent nature, unique landscapes attract tourists from all over the world, and the unusual relief of the bottom and the color of the water make it a mecca for diving enthusiasts.