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Kyryk-Oba Mounds

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Kyryk Oba-group of 40 mounds, dated to the 7th-4th centuries BC, also known as the Steppe Pyramids, are ancient burial complexes of the Sauromat tribe. The mounds consist of the Kyryk-Oba I and Kyryk-Oba II complexes and are of great interest to archaeologists from all over the world; in 2001, full-scale archaeological research and excavations were carried out on the mounds. During the excavations, gold and bronze jewelry, remains of ancient ceramics, weapons, blades and arrowheads were found.

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The Kyryk Oba mounds are located 80 kilometers from the city of Uralsk, Burlinsky district, West Kazakhstan region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 51°26'25"N 52°24'50"E

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The Kyryk-Oba I group of mounds is located 4 km southeast of the village of Danilyakol on the banks of the Karakoba River and represents a unique monument of ancient history. It consists of three large mounds: Mounds No. 1 and No. 2 consist of long, thin mounds lying side by side. The two mounds perfectly replicate each other (one of them is smaller than the other). They show the significant uniqueness of the monument and the fact that it has no analogues among the mounds of the Eurasian steppe. All mounds are not only a special burial of the Early Iron Age, but also form a single burial complex. Local residents consider the Kyryk-Oba mound complex a sacred, sacred place. The Kazakh people revere ancient burial sites, make pilgrimages to these places and treat such places very carefully. The Kyryk-Oba II group of mounds is located on the left bank of the Zhaiyk River, 5 km south of the village of Danylyakol, 5 km north of the large group of Kyryk-Oba I mounds.

Kyryk-Oba mounds in the West Kazakhstan region


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