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Mausoleum of Gumar Karash

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Gumar Karasha is a mausoleum, an architectural monument, a sacred sacred place and a place of pilgrimage in the West Kazakhstan region. The mausoleum is a memorial, an octagon-shaped building with an open entrance and through window openings topped with a round dome, the entire mausoleum is white. The mausoleum is located in the endless Kazakh steppe, its building can be seen from afar.

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The Mausoleum of Gumar Karasha is located in the Borsy Village, Talovsky rural district, Zhanibek district, West Kazakhstan region.

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The Mausoleum of Gumar Karasha was built in 1921, the reconstruction of the mausoleum was carried out in 2018. The mausoleum was built in honor of the outstanding Kazakh poet Gumar Karasha (1875-1921). Gumar studied at a madrasah, was a religious figure, preached Islam, was engaged in social activities, and was a respected and revered person among the people. He encouraged people to keep up with the times, introduced people to art, education and culture, wrote books, in 1911 he was the editor of the Kazakhstan newspaper, and wrote articles in this newspaper. He first took part in the creation of an independent Kazakh Muftiate, held the first session of Bokey teachers and in 1919 founded the National School System, published the magazine “Teacher”, dedicated to the topic of methodological assistance to teachers, called on the population to settle down, study the profession, created an artel, created 1919 equivalent of the modern Writers' Union of Kazakhstan “a team of writers. In 1921, at the age of 47, he was vilely killed by bandits.

Mausoleum of Gumar Karasha in the West Kazakhstan region


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