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Issyk lake in Almaty province, Kazakhstan.

Adventure tour to Lake Issyk.

In general, this locality from the ancient times was called by the Kazakhs “Eshik” - “door, passage”. The Issyk lake is located 80 kilometers from Almaty, above the city of the same name. Rising up, the city is clearly visible. The height of the lake itself above sea level is 1714 m.

Information about Issyk Lake.

As is known, Lake Issyk was almost destroyed as a result of the passage of a powerful mudflow on July 7, 1963. At that time, the lake was a popular holiday destination with a good tourist infrastructure. A good highway was laid to him along the gorge of the Issyk River and a bus station with a large parking lot was built. On the shores of Issyk, they built a two-story hotel with a hundred beds, a restaurant, a photo pavilion, a bathhouse, a hairdresser, and a dance floor. Among the entertainment was riding on boats, boats, riverboat. From Almaty it was possible to get by bus almost to the lake itself.

Some of the infrastructure of half a century ago has survived to our days, but is in desolation. On the way to the lake there is still a gazebo, which in the guidebooks of those years is designated as “Air Arbor”. After the impact of the mudflow, a small body of water with muddy water remained at the site of the deepest part of Lake Issyk. To date, the lake has recovered more than half.

How to visit Issyk Lake.

The impact of the elements was terrible. The village fell into the lake Issyk 12 shafts. At the moment of the strike, the verses on the lake rested Dinmukhamed Kunaev and Alexey Kosygin, they managed to escape. Not everyone is so lucky, so far the data on the dead vary from the official hundred people to thousands, according to some sources. As it usually happened in the USSR, the authorities reported about the catastrophe only a month later, keeping silent about many facts.

Tourist information Issyk lake.

In our time, Lake Issyk again becomes a tourist destination. Infrastructure, of course, is not like the old, no river trams and hotels. But there is a barbecue. Weekend tours organize travel companies, having a rest brought by buses. Info from guide book: "On the shore of the bay is the house of Turgensky forestry, and under the scree of the Eastern ridge - a large yurt-diner. Those who arrived here are waiting for the boats of one of the two marinas of the lake. Those who wish can immediately sail off and sail along the calm surface of a wonderful alpine lake".

Location of Issyk Lake.

The lake is located on the territory of the Ile-Alatau National Park, the entrance, respectively, is paid. Here at least you can see what the money is going on - the territory near the lake is being cleaned (our residents are actively littering and hogging), arbors and ladders are built. In general, this locality from the ancient times was called by the Kazakhs “Eshik” - “door, passage”. Indeed, the shortest route to the Issyk-Kul was through the gorge. The local nomads called the lake Zhasyl-Kol - "green lake". Russian immigrants remade the word "esik" in their own way - "Issyk", which means "hot spring" in the Kazakh language. Moreover, they called it the locality, and the gorge, and the lake. It turned out nonsense: Lake Issyk cannot be called hot: water temperature - plus 9 degrees.

Issyk lake.