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Akbidayik Petroglyphs (rock carving)

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Akbidayik-petroglyphs (rock carvings), one of the most ancient rock carvings on the territory of Kazakhstan. Anthropomorphic images and mythical animals are depicted here. The drawings date back to the Chalcolithic era and the Early Iron Age. The place where the Akbidayik petroglyphs are located is a sanctuary, an ancient place of power, a sacred sacred place in the Pavlodar region.

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The Akbidayik petroglyphs are located 3 kilometers south of the Maikain station, in the Akbidayyk tract, Ekibastuz district, Pavlodar region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The Akbidayik petroglyphs were discovered and studied in 1990 by the Pavlodar archaeological expedition led by V.K. Mertz. The most interesting and unusual image of these petroglyphs is represented by the image of a dancing man; it also depicts a man with the sun instead of a head, which symbolizes a certain spiritual connection with the sun, which in ancient times people worshiped and professed a cult of the sun. The drawings are made in relief. There is also a very beautiful image of horses, apparently there is a herd of horses going from left to right. This complex of ancient drawings of Akbidayik is a monument to the ancient artistic style. In total, on the territory of the modern Pavlodar region there are 10 monuments of primitive rock art.

Petroglyphs of Akbidayik in Pavlodar region


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