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House Museum of Amangeldy Imanov

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The Amangeldy Imanov Museum is an architectural monument, a house-museum, a scientific, educational, cultural institution, which contains articles and documents about Amangeldy Imanov, one of the leaders of the national liberation of 1916. The museum in the house where Amangeldy lived was opened in 1969, there are 5 exhibition halls, a warehouse, and a cinema hall. The museum's collections contain more than 2,000 material data and documents. The museum also has exhibits that show the ways of economic and cultural development of the region, introduce the life and activities of labor and war veterans, and outstanding cultural figures of the region.

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The mausoleum of Amangeldy Imanovan is located in the village of Amangeldy, Mailina street 16, Amangeldy district, Kostanay region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 50°10′27″N 65°10′58″E

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Amangeldy Imanov was born in 1873 in village No. 3 (Terisbutak) of the Torgai district, now Amankeldinsky district, Kostanay region. Amankeldi was born into a poor Kazakh family, was educated by a rural mullah, and entered the madrasah of Tasybay and Tashmagambet Ishanov. He attended a village school until he was 12, and then four years at a madrassa, studying Turkish, Persian and Arabic. He is a close associate of Kenesary Khan, a descendant of Iman Batyr. Member of the Communist Party since 1918. A marksman, a horseman, an energetic, freedom-loving hero, he took part in the uprisings against the government in 1905-1907, was persecuted and was forced to hide in the remote villages of the Torgai steppe. In 1910, on his initiative, a school was built in the village of Terisbutak, where the Amankeldi clan lived.

House Museum of Amangeldy Imanov in Kostanay region


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