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Ekidyn (Dyn Mounds)

Ancient architectural monuments of Kostanay region -

Architectural sights of Kostanay region -

Ekidyn-architectural monuments of the 7th-9th centuries, a sacred sacred place, a ritual building in the Kostanay region. The complexes are stone buildings built from large flat stones stacked on top of each other along the Kara-Torgai River. “Ekidyn” translated from the Kazakh language means “two brothers”. There are two Dyns in total: Dyn-No. 1, and Dyn-No. 2. The monument was explored by a scientific expedition led by A. Margulan. Both buildings were included in the state list of historical and cultural monuments of republican significance in Kazakhstan.

How to get there, visit -

Ekidyn mounds is located 3 kilometers from the village of Ekidyn, 30 kilometers from the village of Mayatas, Ekidyn rural district, Kostanay region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: Ekidyn-No.1 49°32'52"N 66°08'42"E
GPS coordinates: Ekidyn-No.2 49°32'49"N 66°08'54"E

Information -

The first Ekidyn (Dyn-No. 1) was built on the side of the road near the village of Ekidyn, on the left bank of the Kara-Torgai River, and the second Ekidyn (Dyn-No. 2) was built on a hilltop on the right bank of the river. The appearance of the buildings is similar to a Kazakh yurt; it is built in a circle from the base and each time rising up, it is braided around. The height of Dyna-No. 1 is 3.1 meters, the height of Dyna-No. 2 is 3.7 meters. The doorways face east and local natural slate was used for construction. The diameter of the mounds is 5 meters. The structures are among the most advanced examples of architecture and have great scientific value as an example of pre-Islamic construction in Central Kazakhstan. The complex received monument status in 1959.

Ekidyn ritual building in Kostanay region


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