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Mausoleum of Keiki Batyr

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The Mausoleum of Keiki Batyr is an architectural monument, a sacred and sacred place and a place of pilgrimage in the Kostanay region. The mausoleum is an elegant, very beautiful domed structure, built from modern materials. Natural stones were used in the construction of the mausoleum. The mausoleum was opened in 2017, the height of the building is 10 meters. Inside there is a tombstone, two memorial plaques with portraits of the hero and texts in three languages. The verses of the Koran are written on the doors. Keiki Batyr fought for independence together with Amangeldy Imanov and is considered one of the legendary figures in the history of the liberation movement of Kazakhstan.

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The mausoleum of Keiki Batyr is located in the village of Tasty, Amangeldinsky district, Kostanay region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 50°29′10″N 66°01′31″E

Information -

Keiki Batyr was born in 1871 in the village of Baituma in the Kostanay region and came from the Kulan-Kypchak tribe Orta-Yuz. The real name of the hero is Nurmagambet Kokembayuly, which means “one-headed” or “pious.” Keiki Batyr was a vigilant, accurate shooter who hit the target at a long distance, the hero of the Torgai uprising of 1916. Its main armed force was a sniper squad, which carried out the most dangerous tasks of the uprising and often went out on reconnaissance. Keiki dreamed of the independence of his people and fought for their independence. In the spring of 1923 he was killed.

Mausoleum of Keiki Batyr in Kostanay region


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