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Bartogay Reservoir

Jeep tour Bartogay reservoir

This artificial reservoir is located almost 200 km from Almaty, between the Toraigyr and Syugaty mountains. If you want to relax in silence, the Bartogai reservoir will give such an opportunity.

Here you can take a walk and go fishing, have a picnic and enjoy fresh fish cooked on a fire. Many tourists come here with tents for several days: the vast territory of the coast allows everyone to sit comfortably and not interfere with each other.

Information Bartogay reservoir

Unfortunately, it is forbidden to swim in the wonderful turquoise waters. Flows of water under enormous pressure are pulled out into the open from two left-bank tunnels with a diameter of 3 meters, breaking into millions of tiny splashes and forming a barrage of mist of sparkling sunlight.
In the fantastically beautiful water world plays a lot of rainbows. The water dust spreads over several kilometers. How nice to take such a "shower" in the hot afternoon. It seems that the spray reaches the clouds.

The river behind the drain is also an amazing turquoise color. At 50–60 m from the tunnels in the tugai thickets on the bank of the Chilik River, an equipped resting place. The flow of the river taken into the concrete embrace is strong, but sufficiently calm. But further, escaping from the man-made shores, it again becomes a stormy and uncontrollable creation of nature.

artogay reservoir


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