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Bostbay Necropolis

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Bostbay is an ancient necropolis, a monument of ancient architecture, a sacred sacred place and a place of pilgrimage in the Akmola region. The necropolis is a complex of ancient burials located on the banks of the Tersakan River. Here you can see two types of monuments that are more ancient, and there are also modern Muslim monuments of the Altai and Sugir clans.

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The Bostbay necropolis is located 1 kilometer from the village of Shalgai, the right bank of the Tersakan River, Zharkarinsky district, Akmola region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 50°45′37″N 67°46′46″E

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The Bostbay necropolis is famous for the fact that a very ancient unknown mausoleum has been preserved on its territory. The mausoleum building is square, 6x6 meters, the height of the building is 3.5 meters, the building is topped with a round dome. The thickness of the walls is 1.2 meters, the structure has 3 levels of construction: 1 - the base, made of large stone blocks measuring up to 1 meter in diameter. The height of the base is 1 meter, level 2 - walls made of red tile stone are erected on the base, the thickness of the layer is 1 meter. Level 3 is a destroyed dome made of clay adobe blocks (bricks). The fixed part of the surviving dome on the south-eastern side rests on a wooden ceiling. The remaining part of the dome is a masonry in 7 rows of mud brick measuring 12 x 25 cm. The object dates back to the modern era and is a clear indicator of the development of religious architecture of the Middle Ages.

Necropolis Bostbay in Akmola region


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