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Settlement of Sarkyrama

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Sarkyrama is an ancient city, a settlement, an architectural monument four thousand years old, representing the remains of a city where excavations and research are currently being carried out. Sarkyrama translated from Kazakh means a powerful water stream or waterfall. The settlement consists of oval and round buildings, 10 meters in diameter and 3 meters in height, reminiscent of a Kazakh yurt. The settlement is located in a very convenient place for settlement, protected from the wind by low hills and the presence of nearby water.

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The settlement of Sarkyrama is located in the floodplain of the Sarkyrama River and the Zhabai River, Sandyktau District, Akmola Region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The Sarkyrama settlement is currently being actively researched; archaeological excavations and partial restoration of the site are being carried out. During excavations at the settlement, gold jewelry, bronze jewelry, ceramics with very beautiful ornaments, women's beads, a bronze thimble and a sacrificial lamp were discovered. The beads are a particularly interesting exhibit because they were imported, suggesting that the settlement had a well-developed trading network. Beads were brought from the Black Sea region, and from the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East and were used for jewelry, as part of necklaces, pendants, and sewn on clothes and handbags. The beads are quite small, their diameter ranged from 1 to 5 millimeters, the material is a glassy paste. Also, during excavations at the settlement, ancestral burials were discovered, which is typical for settlements of this type and age.

Settlement of Sarkyrama in Akmola region


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