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Agashayak Settlement

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Agashayak is an ancient city, settlement, archaeological site, architectural and historical monument, defensive structure in the Almaty region. The settlement is an ancient square structure, on the territory of which people lived, farmed, hunted and traded. The area of the city of Agashayak is 34,000 square meters, the perimeter of one of the walls is 741 meters, there was one entrance to the city, at the entrance there were two large watchtowers, which were completely destroyed and turned into hills.

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The city of Agashayak is located 68 kilometers from the village of Karoy, 66 kilometers from the village of Bosingen, 119 kilometers from the village of Akzhar, Balkhash district, Almaty region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 45°54'28"N 75°39'45"E

Information -

The city received the name Agashayak from archaeologists who explored it; the exact name of the city does not exist. The city is located in the Agashayak tract and archaeologists named the city in honor of this tract; according to another version, an observer lived in the tract, whose name at the meteorological station was Agashayak. Near the settlement there is the village of Bayauly in which no one lives, the village is considered abandoned, ruins of houses are preserved here. During archaeological excavations at the Agashayak settlement, beads made of lapis lazuli and mother-of-pearl squares were found; this artifact was brought to the city from afar and was a woman’s jewelry. Residents of the city were engaged in the extraction of salt, which they took from salt lakes in the delta of the Karatal River, they traded this salt and exported it to other settlements. The location where the settlement is located is located in a rather deserted area; traveling here will take time, and it is very difficult; it is necessary to equip vehicles and equipment.

Agashayak ancient settlement in Almaty region


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