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Mamet Halfe Mausoleum

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Mamet Halfe mausoleum of the 18th century, an architectural monument, a sacred sacred place and a place of pilgrimage in the Turkestan region. The mausoleum is an adobe building, built of clay, reeds and white mud brick, of a rectangular structure with an elongated cone-shaped dome on the roof. It is not possible to go inside the mausoleum, because when our expedition was there, the entrance to the mausoleum was firmly closed with an iron door. It is possible that the mausoleum is opened on special occasions or during holidays.

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The Mamet Halfe Mausoleum is located in the village of Suzak (Sozak), Sozak district, Turkestan region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 44°08'23"N 68°28'06"E

Information -

In ancient times, the mausoleum of Mamet Halfe was called Azir Baba, local residents call it Mamet Halfe. The mausoleum is part of the ancient settlement of Sozak. It is known that the model of a medieval city consists of a citadel, shakhristan and rabat. The height of the wall of the Mamet Halfe mausoleum is 2.80, the height of the roof is about 3-3.5 meters. The foundation was built from layered stones with a height of 0.60 x 0.70 meters, and the top was covered with clay, the foundation of the building is 4x4 meters. The entrance to the mausoleum faces south; inside there is an altar with one room. The top of the altar is covered with a white scarf, and argali horns are installed above the headboard. Later, two adjoining rooms were added to the east side of the entrance.

Mamet Halfe Mausoleum in the Turkestan region


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