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Caravan Saray Shengeldy

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Shengeldy Caravan Saray is a building, a settlement on the territory of modern Kazakhstan, which in ancient times served as a resting place, parking lot and shelter for trade caravans, which appeared here in the 10th century. If we compare these buildings by modern standards, then this is an ancient hotel where you could stay during your long journey through the steppes and deserts. These types of structures were located throughout Central Asia and served as local hubs. It was always possible to eat in a caravanserai and receive protection; during the course of their existence, caravanserais acquired the appearance of a fortress and fortification.

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Caravan Saray Shengeldy is located in the village of Shengeldy in its central part, administration of the city of Konaev, Almaty region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 43°58'49"N 77°27'45"E

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The Caravan Sarai in the village of Shengeldy was very popular as it was located on the route of trade caravans across Central Asia and was a modern building of that time. Even now, the urban-type settlement of Shengeldy is located around this object. The Shengeldy caravan Sarai was explored by an archaeological expedition in 2018, and partial excavations were also carried out here. It was established that there were places for recreation, warehouses, ancient tools and ceramics, pots, cups, jugs were found. This caravanserai connected routes throughout Kazakhstan and Asia, survived military attacks by robbers, and was looted and burned more than once. This complex has great historical and cultural significance in the field of its research and study. Now there is an open-air museum on the site where you can come on an excursion and find out how our distant ancestors lived and what they did.

Caravan Saray Shengeldy in Almaty region


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