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Medeu Sports Complex

Excursion to the Small Almaty gorge

Stairs to Medeu

Medeu Sports Complex is the world's largest sports complex with an artificial skating rink. It began to be used as a natural skating rink in 1951. The Medeu Sports Complex was built in 1972. Architects involved in the construction: Katsev V. Z., Kainarbayev A. S., Matveev S. B., etc. (10 people in total). The area of the artificial skating rink for speed skaters is 10.5 thousand m. The width of the race track is 5 m, the turnover is 400 m. The middle part of the rink is for hockey games and figure skating. In a complex for 12.5 thousand. There are 2 swimming pools, a sports hall, a hotel, a dining room, a cinema hall, a library and a press center.

Medeu – how to get there

Mudeu is located 18 km from the city of Almaty, in the Small Almaty Gorge, at an altitude of 1691.2 m above sea level. GPS coordinates of Medeu: 43°9'27"N, 77°3'31"E

Medeu – tourist information

More than 150 of the best sports records in the world were born at the Medeu skating rink. The last of the great championships held in Medeu was the 1988 International Men's Speed Skating Championships.

The illumination of the Medeu skating rink is provided by 1600 powerful lamps installed on 8 pedestals. More than 30 thousand black-and-white electronic displays associated with the photo finish can display 6 thousand different images in 1 min. The thickness of artificial ice - in summer reaches 3-4 cm, in winter – 10-15 cm. The Medeu Sports Complex includes the Medeu Hotel. Single, double and luxury rooms of the Medeu Hotel can accommodate 376 people at the same time.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Medeu Ice Rink can host about 9 thousand skating enthusiasts. Various kinds of competitions are held at the rink. The Medeu sports complex is not only a place for sports competitions, but also a place of recreation for citizens and guests of the city in the picturesque nature. Since 1990, the traditional international song contest “Voice of Asia” has been held at Medeu.



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