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Sakkulak Mausoleum

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Sakkulak is a mausoleum of the XIX century, an architectural monument, a sacred, sacred place and a place of pilgrimage in the Akmola region. The mausoleum is a building built in the shape of an octagon made of red brick, the roof of the building is crowned with a silver dome. The Sakkulak Mausoleum was built by Kazakh biy Sakkulak from the Kanzhigali family, in honor of his son Nuraly. The monument was first examined in 2006 by a team of restorers led by Gulnara Kamalova.

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Sakkulak Mausoleum is located 17 kilometers from the village of Ereimentau, on the shore of Lake Korzhynkol, Ereimentau district, Akmola region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 51°38'57N 73°21'36E

Information -

The entrance to the Sakkulak mausoleum is located in the eastern part of the building, inside there is an altar, the size of the brick from which the mausoleum is built is 33x140 x 70 centimeters. Arched niches are located on all 8 sides of the mausoleum, tombstones of Sakkulak and his two sons are installed inside. In 2000, the mausoleum underwent partial restoration and a dome was installed. Now the mausoleum still needs major restoration to preserve the historical heritage of Kazakhstan.

Sakkulak Mausoleum in Akmola region


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