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Ungoza Mountains on Mangyshlak

Mount Ungoza East -

Mount Ungoza Western -

The Ungoza mountain range, beautiful low table mountains composed of sedimentary rocks on the Mangyshlak Peninsula, consists of three hills, Ungoza East, Ungoza South and Ungoza North. The heights of these mountains range from 199 meters to 206 meters above sea level, which is quite high and impressive for this area, which has a low average height. If you are at the foot of this mountain range, the mountains will rise majestically before your eyes. Near the Ungoza Mountains there is a famous canyon, the Shakpatasai tract; the Caspian Sea is also located nearby; if you wish, you can visit its shores and swim.

How to get there, visit -

The Ungoza Mountains are located 3 kilometers from Sarytash Bay on the Mangyshlak Peninsula, Tyubkaragan district, Mangistau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates:
Mount Ungoza East: 44°26'10N 51°13'20E
Mount Ungoza South: 44°25'39N 51°12'19E
Mount Ungoza North: 44°26'15N 51°12'08E

Ungoza Mountains in Mangistau region


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