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Baikonur Village (Ulytau region)

History of the village of Baikonyr in the Ulytau region -

Trip to the village of Baikonir from the city of Zhezkazgan -

Baikonur is a village located in a coal and copper mining area and was known as the location of a camp for political prisoners. Coal was mined at Baikonur in 1928-1951. Since 1957, the Baikonur sheep breeding center has been located here. The village is also known as “Sandy Hills”, which means Baikonur in Kazakh. In 1907, businessmen arrived in the village from England, who were interested in coal and ore deposits here; later, the territory where the minerals lay was leased and mining began here.

How to get there, visit -

The village of Baikonur is located 120 kilometers from the village of Ulytau, on the left bank of the Baikonur River, next to the village of Karpaksai and within the city of Zhezkazgan, Ulytau district, Ulytau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 47°49′23″N 66°2′50″E

Information -

The village of Baikonur in the Ulytau region is famous for the fact that on its territory the Soviet Union created a model of the Baikonur cosmodrome (false cosmodrome), which is currently located in the Kyzyloda region to mislead American agents and the United States. It was not possible to mislead the enemies of the Soviet Union, but this model existed here until 1970. In 1958, the area near the village of Baikonur was used by the Soviet Union to test new ballistic and short-range missiles. A small launch complex was organized here, from which missiles were launched to such test sites as Kapustin Yar, Tyura-Tam and Sary-Shagan.

Baikonur village in Ulytau district


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