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Residence of Abylai Khan in the city of Petropavlovsk

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The residence of Abylai Khan or the White House of Abylai is a historical and memorial complex, a museum, a historical monument, an architectural landmark of the city of Petropavlovsk. When the colonization of the northern region of Kazakhstan began, in 1752 the construction of the St. Peter's Fortress began on the Kyzylzhar plateau, located on the banks of the Yesil River. This, in turn, influenced the establishment of trade and economic ties between countries. In this regard, it became necessary to build a building next to the fortress. According to archival materials, “At the request of Abylai, in 1765, near the fortress of St. Peter on Mount Enkistau, on the upper bank of the Yesil River, a wooden house was built, which became the residence of Abylai Khan and became known as the “White House of Abylai.”

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The residence of Abylai Khan is located in the city of Petropavlovsk, North Kazakhstan region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 54°52′25″N 69°07′02″E


In front of the White House of Abylai Khan there is a bronze monument “Abylay Khan on Horseback”. The author of the monument is sculptor Kazybek Satybaldin. The building itself currently consists of two floors. The official name is “Residence of Abylai Khan”. The White House of Abylai consists of 4 halls, the administration of the complex is located on the ground floor, and historical halls are located on the second floor. The first historical hall covers the life of Abylai from childhood to his accession to the khan’s throne. That is, 1710-1771. The second hall is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Khanate. This is between 1771-1781. The third hall is the throne room, the fourth hall is the hall of collages, paintings and books dedicated to the history of Abylai. Among them is Abylai's recreation room, which impresses visitors and reminds them that the building was originally made of wood. There are several artifacts in the room, dishes, blankets, pillows, tables, carpets, copper bowls, clothes, chests were arranged to depict the interior of the house. The room is made of wood preserved from the 18th century, and the hooks in the room are made of silver. The resting bed is also made of wood, and near it there are candlesticks brought from the United Arab Emirates.

Residence of Abylai Khan in the North Kazakhstan region


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