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Tasbas settlement in the Bayan Zhurek mountains

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Tasbas is an ancient settlement of the 18th century, an ancient human settlement, one of the primitive places and one of the oldest settlements in the Almaty region. The settlement consists of the remains of stone dwellings, small stone fences, and the remains of stone foundations. The Tasbas settlement was located on several natural terraces at once; excavations in this area are not easy to carry out since the soil largely consists of stones and rock. Therefore, the location for the excavations was not chosen by chance; the researchers established where the remains of the stone house were located and began their excavations on the lower terrace.

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The settlement of Tasbas is located 3 kilometers from the village of Balasaz, 25 kilometers from the village of Kapal, 15 kilometers from the village of Arasan on the left bank of the Koksay mountain river, Mount Bayan-Zhurek, Aksu district, Zhetysu region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: N45°08'13 E79°22'14

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During the study of the Tasbas settlement, it was found that the part of the house where the excavations were carried out is a rather complex structure, part of which was made in natural rock. The floor of the dwelling was laid with clay; here two hearths were found in the floor, one was used for cooking, the second was used to maintain heat in the dwelling. The dwelling has been dated by archaeologists to the Bronze Age, but it has also been established that the dwelling was used as an ancient settlement site in earlier centuries. During excavations, gray ceramics, fragments of jug necks, and the lower round part of pots were found here; some fragments had ornaments, but no whole pottery was found.

Settlement of Tasbas in Zhetysu region


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