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Cathedral of Apostles Peter and Paul (Petropavlovsk)

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The Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul is one of the most beautiful Orthodox churches in the city of Petropavlovsk. The building is a white structure topped with 4 small domes at the corners and a central large dome, the domes are sky blue and gold. Each dome has a golden Orthodox cross. The exact date of construction of the cathedral is unknown; it is known that the building has been here since the construction of the Peter and Paul Fortress in this area in 1752. The parishioners in the church in those distant times were military personnel of the fortress garrison and residents, peasants who lived around the fortress. The church was built and maintained its existence at the expense of parishioners; in 1990, the church bells were restored. There is a separate bell tower on the territory of the temple building.

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The Church of St. Peter and Paul is located in the city of Petropavlovsk, North Kazakhstan region, Republic of Kazakhstan.


In the book “The City of Petropavlovsk for 200 Years,” researcher A.I. Semenov claims that it was built in 1766. However, it is known that in those days, during the construction of the fortress, a garrison church was also built in honor of the heavenly patron of the military fortification. The construction of the fortress of Saints Peter and Paul began in the summer of 1752. One can agree with the opinion of A.I. Semenov about the construction of a fortress church in 1766, especially since during this period there was a reconstruction of fortifications, during which a permanent church building could have been built. The first building of the fortress church in honor of the holy apostles Peter and Paul was wooden and it was located in the ravelin between the Nagorny and Forstadt bastions.

The question of the construction of a stone building for a fortress church remains unclear. On the one hand, there is a number of information that a stone church in the name of the holy apostles Peter and Paul was founded on June 29, 1831 on a mountain in a fortress on the site of an old fortress wooden church that had fallen into disrepair. On the other hand, sources report the construction of a stone church on the territory of the fortress, which was stopped back in 1791 due to the poor quality of the bricks. It is also reported that in one of the ravelins of the fortress there is the only local wooden church in the name of the holy apostles Peter and Paul. Therefore, it is not yet known what kind of church was built in 1791: either it was a new building for the old church, or construction of a new church had begun. The construction of the stone church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, founded on June 29, 1831 on the site of the old wooden one, lasted from 1836 to 1841. It was consecrated on January 25, 1842.

Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in the North Kazakhstan region


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