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The Holy Ascension Cathedral palace Almaty city.

Photo tour and excursion Holy Ascension Cathedral palace, Almaty city.

The Holy Ascension Cathedral, which is one of the two cathedral cathedrals of the Almaty and Astana Diocese and belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church, is located in the Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen. Previously, this cathedral was called the Turkestan Cathedral, now it is a monument of unique wooden art and a sample of earthquake-resistant structures, which is one of the most interesting sights of Almaty.
Ascension Cathedral is one of the highest wooden buildings in the world. The highest point of the bell tower is 54 meters, and the total capacity of the cathedral is 2000 people.

Information and Schedule of Holy Ascension Cathedral palace in Panfilov park.

The official website of Ascension Cathedral publishes a schedule of worship, which anyone can read in advance when planning their visit. Services are held daily. Also at the cathedral there is a Sunday school, an icon-painting workshop, a library. If you wish, you have the opportunity to order the requisitions from the clergy of the cathedral (wedding ceremony, baptism and others), for this you need to fill out the form on the official website

Construction Holy Ascension Cathedral palace in Panfilov park.

Construction of the cathedral dates back to the 70s of the XIX century, but then only correspondence was conducted between the bishops of the Turkestan diocese about the need to create an Orthodox church. Only in 1903, after lighting the foundation, did the direct construction of the future cathedral begin. Construction lasted a little longer than three years and was completed in 1907. The interior decoration was painted in the art workshops of Kiev and Moscow, the chief engineer of construction was Andrei Zenkov, the cathedral was erected according to the design of the architect Konstantin Borisoglebsky.
Until 1927, the cathedral was used for its intended purpose. Then during the years of Soviet power, worship was banned, as in many Orthodox buildings at that time. In 1929, the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan was housed in the building of the cathedral. Then, over the years, various public organizations were housed in the building, and an antenna was placed in the bell tower for the first radio station in all of Kazakhstan. Also under Soviet rule, they tried to dismantle the crosses, but after an accident with one of the workers who fell from a height and crashed to death, they decided to leave the crosses. Now they decorate the cathedral in the same way as a hundred years ago.
In 1976, the first restoration works were carried out. In 1995, the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan returned the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church, in the same year a second restoration was carried out, and then the services were resumed. In 2017, the Ascension Cathedral was restored again, and frescoes were restored during the works.
Architectural features

How to build Holy Ascension Cathedral palace in Almaty.

The material from which the cathedral is built is the blue Tien-Shan fir. The building consists of sections fastened together with metal bolts. Holy Ascension Cathedral is beautiful both inside and outside: it is crowned with five domes, inside the room is artfully painted, most of the elements of the interior decor (iconostasis, wall paintings) have been preserved here since the beginning of the last century.
The cathedral was so firmly built that it survived the catastrophic earthquake of 1911: then many stone city buildings collapsed, and bells fell from all the city's belltowers. The only reminder of the cataclysm that occurred - one of the crosses of the cathedral bent a little. This feature and it is now possible to notice when looking at the majestic cathedral 56 meters in height.

Holy Ascension Cathedral is a monument of architecture and history of republican significance, its status is protected by the state. The unique building is included in the world ranking of ten wooden architectural objects. Despite its venerable age, the cathedral still functions: services are held here daily. With his majestic look, he personifies the power of faith that the flow of time cannot shake.
How to get there

How to visit Holy Ascension Cathedral palace in Panfilov park.

The Ascension Cathedral can be reached by metro, the nearest station is “Zhibek Zholy”, line “A”. Further along Gogol Street in the direction of the park named after 28 Panfilov Guardsmen, on whose territory the cathedral is located.
Also can be reached by ground public transport. To the stop "Arasan" keshenі there are buses number 16, 66, 112, 126. But it is most convenient to get to the stop "Park of 28 Panfilovtsev Guardsmen", buses No. 13, 16, 22, 66, 126, 129 and trolley buses go to it № 1, 9, 11, 12, 19. Another stop near the cathedral - "Gogol Street". It can be reached by bus No. 13, 16, 17, 22, 42, 71, 117, 126 and by trolleybus No. 1 and 12.
There is a parking near the cathedral, it is very convenient if you prefer to travel in a personal or rented car.
Another way to get to Ascension Cathedral is a taxi. Famous Yandex applications are supported in Almaty.