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Zinovievsky Temple (Ust-Kamenogorsk)

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The Zinovievsky Temple is an architectural monument, an Orthodox church, built of red brick, topped with four golden domes on which golden Orthodox crosses are installed. The church building is of modern construction and is a typical, very beautiful Orthodox church and house of God. The temple was consecrated on September 4, 2005. In the church there is a throne dedicated to the Hieromartyr Zinovy Sogrinsky, there are also particles of the holy relics of St. Innocent, Metropolitan of Moscow, and the Hieromartyr Archpriest Vladimir, Lepsinsky, an icon with a particle of the holy relics of St. Nicholas, Metropolitan of Alma-Ata.

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The Zinoviev Church is located in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk, Novaya Sogra district, Rybatsky lane, East Kazakhstan region, Republic of Kazakhstan. Phone: 8 (7232) 21-54-25

Information, history -

It only took a year for the architectural idea of one of the parishioners of the Zinoviev Church, Alla Farafontova, an architect by training, after processing by full-time city architects, to find its embodiment in a beautiful, five-domed brick building, made in the best traditions of the eclectic style characteristic of Russian religious architecture of the late 19th century - beginning of the 20th century Initially, an option was proposed to restore the temple in which the holy martyr Zinovy Sogrinsky served, but this was impossible for the reason that during the years of Soviet power the temple building was rebuilt several times and changed its purpose. At first the building was used as a school, then as a workshop for the production of turning and forging products, after reconstruction it became privately owned and was used as a dumpling shop. Closer to 2000, all activity in this building ceased, but the building still remains in private ownership. All attempts to establish contact with the real owner of the building to discuss the possibility of buying out or transferring the building to the Orthodox Church were unsuccessful. And then it was decided to build a new temple. In 2002, the foundation stone of a temple in honor of the Hieromartyr Zinovy Sogrinsky took place, and a year later services began to be held in the temple.

Zinovievsky Temple in the East Kazakhstan region


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