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Kok-Tobe Mount

Kok-Tobe Recreation Park

Kok-Tobe Cable Car Tour

Mount Kok-Tobe (Green Hill) is located at an altitude of 1070 meters, the old name, Mount Verigina, in 1972 the mountain was renamed and received the current name of Kok-Tobe. In 1984, a TV tower was built on the Kok-Tobe Mountain, which is also called Koktobe, the height of the tower is 372 meters. Kok-Tobe Mountain is one of the most popular attractions of Almaty. We recommend visiting the mountain on weekdays, as a lot of people gather here on weekends and it becomes very crowded.

Kok-Tobe – how to get there

Kok-Tobe Mountain is located in the southeastern part of the city at an altitude of 1070 meters above sea level. The most popular way to Kok-Tobe is by cable car, which is located in the park near the Palace of the Republic. You can also get to the mountain by the road that leads to the mountain, and then walk. GPS coordinates of Mount Kok-Tobe: 43°13'59"N 76°58'34"E

Kok-Tobe – tourist information

The length of the cable car on the Kok-Tobe is 1727 meters, this is the shortest way to the mountain and also the most interesting. The cable car was built in 1967. The cableway offers a magnificent view of the city of Almaty. From the Kok-Tobe mountain to the city of Almaty, a beautiful panoramic view of the city also opens, in the evening you can look at the evening Almaty. Kok-Tobe Park has a small zoo, places to relax, restaurants and cafes. There is a monument to the Beatles musical group on the Kok-Tobe Mountain, as well as a fountain of desires.

Kok-Tobe Mount


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