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Green Bazaar

Bazaars of Almaty

Excursion to the Green Bazaar in Almaty

The Green Bazaar has been operating since 1868, it is the oldest bazaar in this region. The bazaar was founded in the city of Verny under Soviet rule. The central market, which has been around for more than a century, is popular with tourists. Here you can buy original souvenirs and taste dishes of national cuisine.

Green Bazaar – how to get there

The Green Bazaar is located in the central part of the city of Almaty next to the Otrar Hotel. It is easy to get here from any part of the city, it is best to use taxi services. Near the bazaar there is a park of 28 Panfilov Guards and a Turkish Delight candy factory.

Green Bazaar – history

In 1875, a guest courtyard was built on this site, in which there were only two pavilions. The merchant Rafikov sponsored the construction of the bazaar, this merchant was one of the most influential people of that time. Until 1921, modern Alma-Almaty was the city of the southern frontier of the Russian Empire and was called the city of Verny. There were caravan routes and guest courtyards, which provided a temporary shelter where you could relax before a long trip, enjoying delicious food and hot fragrant tea. Local merchants offer customers products for every taste: grass, vegetables, cereals, clothes, firewood and other household necessities. On the square in front of the market there were horse carts, local taxis, which competed with each other, quickly bringing buyers of goods to the place.

The Green Bazaar acquired a more modern look in the seventies of the last century. Instead of wooden shelves, a multi-level capital structure was built with an underground storage, counters for food trade, a pavilion with industrial goods. The structure of the Green Market includes a shop "1000 little things", Parking, summer tents and stables. The construction designed by architects of Kazakhstan is recognized as one of the most technologically advanced and functional markets of the Soviet Union.

Green Bazaar in Almaty


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