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Park of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Parks of Almaty

Excursion to the Park of the First President in Almaty

The Park of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Arboretum Park) is a park created to combine the unique natural appearance of the city of Almaty and scientific achievements of the XXI century. During the improvement of the park project, the principles of creating a system of green spaces were laid, including a combination of natural (relief, vegetation, water) and artificial architectural and engineering structures organized to create comfortable conditions for outdoor recreation of the population.

President's Park – how to get there

The President's Park is located in the city of Almaty in the Bostandyk district on Navoi Street and Al-Farabi Street. GPS coordinates of the First President's Park: 43.188°N 76.887°E

Park of the First President – information for tourists

The total area of the President's Park in Almaty (arboretum) is 73 hectares. The construction of the park began in 2001. Since this year, the main design elements have been created: alleys, streets and arboretum plots, green spaces have been planted according to the arboretum project. One of the first trees (oak) was planted by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in 2001. In honor of the participation of the city of Almaty in the Olympic Torch relay, more than a hundred named white birches and Tien Shan firs were planted as part of the Beijing 2008 campaign. The park has been operating since July 2010. Since that time, the largest fountain (with a capacity of 2820 cubic meters) has been operating in Almaty.

On November 11, 2011, a monumental and sculptural composition "Kazakhstan", dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic, was installed in the upper part of the fountain. The composition is made in the form of an eagle made of bronze, granite and marble, in the center there is a statue of the first president. The eagle's wings depict symbols of the cities of Almaty and Astana and samples of many of the main architectural and historical sites of Kazakhstan. In the park there are flower beds, recreation areas, walking paths, etc. The observation deck, located at the foot of the mountain at 12 m, is also included in the park.

Park of the First President in Almaty


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