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Square of Astana in Almaty city - Old Square

Square of Astana in Almaty city.

The Astana square is located in Almaty city on Tole Bi street.

Pre-revolutionary period.
The Alekseevsky Military Council, erected by the builders of the Semirechensk regional engineering distance (architect S. Troparevsky, engineer J. Poroshin) was located on Kazarmennaya Square. Alekseevsky Cathedral since 1912 was the military church of the 20th Turkestan rifle regiment in the name of St. Alexis the Metropolitan. The building is typical, the project author is a technical-construction commandant of the Military Ministry.

Soviet period.
In 1921, the area gets the name Red Square.
In the building of the Alekseevsky Military Council placed the expositions of the Regional and Anti-Religious museums evacuated from Orenburg. The last priest of the Alekseevsky temple, Fr. Alexia (Markovsky) was repressed.
After the demolition of the imperial buildings, the buildings of the new ensemble were erected: Government House (1928–1931), the Turkestan-Siberian Railway Administration (1929–1934) and the Telecommunications House, and other buildings built during the first Soviet five-year plans. The first two buildings were built according to the project of a talented Soviet architect M. Ya. Ginzburg with the participation of I. F. Millinis, and the last by G. Gerasimov. The further development of Alma-Ata made it expedient to build a new complex of the republican center that would meet the increased needs of the public life of Kazakhstan. The square was covered with paving stones, the first tram was launched (1937) and the first trolleybus (1944), the streets were renamed and new Soviet monuments were erected.
In 1955, the administrative building of Kazpotrebsoyuz was built on the corner of Panfilov Street.
The monument to V.I. Lenin was unveiled on November 7, 1957 in the square named after V.I. Lenin. The sculptor is E. V. Vuchetich, the architect is I. I. Belotserkovsky. Height 12 m, made of bronze and red granite. The monument depicts V. I. Lenin at the time of his speech to the people.
In 1957, the construction of a new government building of the Kazakh SSR (now KBTU) was also completed.
After the opening in 1980 of the square named after L.I. Brezhnev, the square received the popular name "Old Square".
In 1987, the Alley of Eminent Persons was opened behind KBTU.

Independent of Kazakhstan.
In 1997, the monument to V.I. Lenin was moved to the square behind the Sary-Arka cinema.
The opening of the monument to the girls of the Soviet Union Heroes A. Moldagulova and M. Mametova was held on October 25, 1997, and the President of Kazakhstan and members of the government attended the ceremony. The sculptor is Satybaldin K. K., the architects are T. Yeraliev, V. Sidorov, the designer is M. Ye. Erkenov. The pedestal depicts two Golden Stars of the Hero of the Soviet Union and the names of girls in the Kazakh language: “Gliya” and “Munshk”. The plot of the monument is conditional, since Aliya and Manshuk did not even know each other. The monument is installed on the site of the monument to Lenin in the square opposite the building of the government of Kazakhstan.
In September 2017, the reconstruction of the square was completed. The number of lanes in the carriageway was reduced, and pedestrians with traffic flows were separated by bollards. In the free space, bicycle paths were laid, granite paving stones were laid, planting was done with turf and lavender beds. The staircase esplanade was renovated, where an open-air amphitheater was set up, in front of it were installed two dry fountains with lighting at night.