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Astana Square (Old Square)

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Astana Square in the city of Almaty, is located on Tole-Bi Street. In 2017, a complete reconstruction was carried out on the square, the infrastructure for pedestrians was improved, additional fountains were installed and pedestrian paths were made. Near the square there is a monument to Manshuk Mometova and Aliya Moldagulova snipers, heroes of the Soviet Union, the monument was opened in 1997. Also, the Old Square is surrounded by a beautiful park, in which century-old oaks and other types of plants and trees grow, in the summer there are many fountains working here.

Astana Square in Almaty – how to get there

Astana Square is located in the central part of the city in its old part. It is very easy to visit Astana Square, it is easy to get here from any part of the city along Tole-bi Street. Tole-bi Street is central and runs through the central part of the city, many shuttle buses run along it, on which you can easily get to the square, we also recommend using the taxi service.

Astana Square – history

In 1921, Astana Square had a different name and was called Red Square. In Soviet times, the Alekseevsky Military Cathedral was located on the square. The government House was built here in 1931, then the rear on the square was rebuilt in 1957. Now the Kazakh-British Institute is located in this building. In 1980, the square was named "Old Square", this name has been preserved, local residents still call this square "Old Square" and not Astana Square.

Old Square (Astana) – information for tourists

A monument to V.I. Lenin once stood on the Old Square. In 1997, the monument was moved to the park behind the Sary-Arka cinema. All significant events of the city, competitions, holidays, fairs are held on the old square. In the park around the old square, you can have a great time, relax, take a walk with children, century-old oaks grow here, squirrels live which you can feed with your hand. In the evenings, young people gather in cars on the Old Square, listen to music and spend time. The Old Square is a favorite place for residents of the city, there are many fountains here, in the shade of trees you can find a cool shade and relax on a hot day.

Old Square (Astana)


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