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Republic Square in Almaty city, Central square, New Suqare.

Excursion to Central Square in Almaty city.

Each big city has its own logical center, a place where holidays, events and demonstrations take place. In Alma-Ata, such a place is the Republic Square, the former Novaya Square, located at the intersection of central streets.

Information Central Square in Almaty.

The ensemble of Republic Square was created in the 1980s. It was based on the building of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan - in the same overwhelmingly Soviet style other buildings were built that surround the spacious square. Nowadays Almaty Akimat is located here. During the years of independence, the Soviet legacy began to be diluted with new buildings. The most notable of them, oddly enough, is underground and represents a large shopping center. Massive glass domes are brought to the surface - center windows.

Monument of Independent Almaty.

The central element of the square is a landmark monument dedicated to the independence of Kazakhstan. It is based on a high 28-meter stele, topped with a 6-meter figure of the “Golden Warrior” standing on a winged leopard. The sculpture is a copy of the "golden man", found during archaeological excavations of the Issyk mound - the burial of the king of an ancient Saka tribe, considered to be the ancestors of the Kazakhs.

How to visit Central Square in Almaty.

There are 10 bas-reliefs around the monument with scenes from the history of Kazakhstan, and at the foot lies a bronze book that fulfills desires - “Choose and bliss” is written on one of its sheets, and Nursultan Nazarbayev, the first and only president of the republic, left his hand on the other.

In the eastern part of the square there is a massive building of the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan, one of the largest in Central Asia. In his collection of about 300 thousand exhibits related to the history and culture of the country.