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The Central Mosque of Almaty

The main mosques of the city of Almaty

Pilgrimage tourism in Kazakhstan

The central mosque of the city is the main and largest mosque of the city, the mosque was opened in 1999. It is also one of the largest mosques in Kazakhstan. The construction of the mosque lasted 7 years. The mosque is designed for 7000 pilgrims, the mosque is crowned by a dome measuring 20 meters and 36 meters high. At one moment there can be 3,000 people in the mosque. The decoration of the mosque is made of white marble and mosaic, a huge oak door is installed at the entrance.

Central Mosque of Almaty – how to get there

The Central Mosque is located in the central part of the city near the Sayakhat bus station, along Tashkent street and Pushkin street. The exact address of the Central Mosque in Almaty: Kazakhstan, Almaty city, Pushkin street 16. GPS coordinates of the Central Mosque of Almaty: 43.268438°N 76.953324°E

Central Mosque of Almaty – history

The central mosque of Almaty was built on the site where the Tatar Mosque was located, which has been working here since 1890. The architects of the mosque were Baymagambetov and Sharapiev. In 2000, the restoration of the mosque was carried out, changes were made to the design of the mosque, the dome was decorated with verses from the Koran in calligraphic execution by Turkish masters. In 2010, the dome of the mosque was decorated with gold plates. In 2001, the mosque was included in the list of historical and cultural monuments of the city of Almaty.

Central Mosque of Almaty


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