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Bayterek (monument)

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Architecture of Astana Baiterek Monument

Baiterek is an architectural complex of Astana city, a unique piece of architecture. One of the most iconic buildings in the capital. The monumet is made of metal, glass and concrete, is unique both in its architectural significance and in its manufacture: the monument consists of a 105-meter metal structure weighing more than 1000 tons. The height of the towering "Bayterek" on the left bank of the Yesil River is 97 m, the diameter is 27 m; the ornate reinforced concrete staircase leading to the main door is located 4.8 m above the ground. For the first time in the world, a chameleon glass ball with a diameter of 22 meters and a weight of 300 tons, changing color as the sun rises, has become a record height (for the highest rise of the largest ball in the world).

How to get

The Baiterek monument is located in the city of Astana in its central part, the monument can be seen from different parts of the city. GPS coordinates of Bayterek Monument: 51°07'42"N 71°25'50"E


The form of "Baiterek" consists of three parts; the underground part represents the symbols of the period of the rooting of the nation, and the subsequent ones represent the period of prosperity. The composition "Ayaly Alakan" is located at the very top. Further, the composition in the form of an addition creates the impression that it separates from its base and soars above the ground. At the beginning of the flight there is a golden ball. The Baiterek dome, glazed with special glasses, weighs 70 tons, and the surface area of the golden ball is 1553 m2. From the panoramic hall of this grandiose ball, you can admire yesterday's and today's architecture of Astana – "old" and "new". The golden ball and the main entrance to the building were connected by a metal tool weighing 695 tons, called a "trunk". The Baiterek complex also has a cafe where visitors can relax and slowly explore the surroundings.

The Baiterek symbol

In the center of Astana, "Baiterek" is a symbol of modern Kazakhstan, a symbol of the revival and rebirth of the Kazakh people, statehood, height and depth, spaciousness. This is one of the most visited places in the capital. The Baiterek monument symbolizes the life ideal of all Kazakhstanis striving for a peaceful life and harmony. This object fully meets the high requirements of world architecture. At the 10th competition held by the International Association of the Union of Architects in Astana, by the decision of the prestigious international jury, the Baiterek complex received the Grand Prix with honors as the best project and construction of 2002.

Baiterek Monument


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