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Abu Nasira Al-Farabi Mosque

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Abu Nasr al-Farabi Mosque is one of the mosques in Astana, the mosque was opened on March 2, 2005. The mosque, originally called Nur-Astana, has been named after Abu Nasr al-Farabi since November 2021. The mosque was built with funds allocated by the Emir of the State of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Sini, as a gift.

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Abu Nasr al-Farabi Mosque, located in the Esil district in Astana. GPS coordinates of Abu Nasr Al-Farabi mosque: 51.12°N 71.43°E


The mosque was designed by Lebanese architect Charles Hafiza, and the general contractor for the construction is the Turkish company "Pasiner". Domestic architects and designers took part in the interior decoration work, the inscriptions were made in accordance with Islamic calligraphy and Arabic graphics. The author of decorative and applied art is a member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan Gaziz Yeshkenov. The necessary materials and paints were obtained from the own enterprises of St. Petersburg, Spain and the country. The religious complex consists of halls for male and female worship, four towers, each 62 m high, an open courtyard with a double fountain and an imam's house. The architectural work, accommodating 5,000 people, was built according to the project of the Lebanese master Charles Hazif. The height of the main dome of the mosque is 43 m . In total, the building covers an area of 3,930 square meters.


The foundation of the mosque was laid in 2002. The opening of the Center of Muslim Culture was attended by the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev. He presented the spiritual center with a veil with the image of the Kaaba and the Koran, Surah, the grand opening of which took place on March 2, 2005. Since the opening of the Nur Astana Mosque, mosque employees have been conducting research and seminars between countries. In November, the mosque was renamed and now it bears the name of Abu Nasir al-Farabi. In May 2010, the Nur Astana Central Mosque together with the Institute of Socio-Political Studies conducted a survey to study the views of the capital's Muslim people on religious preaching and educational work. Since the opening of the mosque, many scientific works have been carried out. In 2006, the book of the chief imam K. Zankoev "Nur Astana Mosque" was published in Kazakh, Russian and English, telling about the mosque.

Abu Nasir Al-Farabi Mosque (Nur-Astana Mosque)


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